Films by Andy

wedding films with a personalized style

I'm a guy who loves his job.
I truly do.
I gratefully share the wedding aisle with you.
Dance my way through capturing your reception footage.
And I am always just as excited to see your wedding film as you are.
Who am I?
I am a (lucky) husband.
My wife is a elementary reading teacher and she is my favorite human in the entire galaxy.
After spending weekdays editing or weekends filming- it's always a high point of my day to return home.
Because whether I'm working or relaxing with the family.
I am someone who just loves this adventure we call life.
I would be thrilled to share in this exciting adventure with you.
I can't wait to be connected with you.

wedding films with a personalized style

Films by andy

About Me

A few years ago I became a wedding videographer without ever really intending to. Through college I was a student of filmmaking. I just loved telling stories and finding new and creative ways to do so. I spent my entire education (including college) pursuing a creative career in storytelling- while never once considering being a wedding videographer. Suddenly one Fall a friend of mine asked if I would film her upcoming wedding. She knew I loved filmmaking but didn’t know if this was something I had any interest in trying out. Well long story short… it was an incredible life-altering experience. Following this wedding I would spend the next two years of my life as a full-time data specialist (the struggle was real) at my alma mater while slowly taking on more weddings on the weekends. By the start of 2016 I embraced this exciting chapter of life that I am in now by becoming a full-time wedding videographer. And life has been one brilliant adventure ever since.

Why do I love filming weddings? I love celebrating and sharing the happy moments in life with people. There’s enough stress and sadness in this world to go around- but on a wedding day there is a beautiful opportunity to escape all of that. There is a chance to refocus ourselves on the light and hope in our world. And better yet I am given the opportunity to carry that joy with me from the wedding, to the editing floor, and back to your eyes for a lifetime of savoring. I can say from experience... your wedding day is going to fly by faster than you can possibly imagine. I meticulously wade through the waters of your wedding footage, piecing together with careful precision, every timeless emotion from your day so it will remain intact for your entire lives. While the idea of filming a wedding sounds stressful to most people... to me it's incredibly energizing. I thrive on finding original, vibrant, and bold ways to capture all the celebratory glances, vivid colors, belly-aching laughs, ceiling shattering dance moves, blissful hugs, and so on. 

My favorite gear

I make wedding films because I cherish your memories as if they were my own.

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